Scallops on Fleece

Crochet Scallops on Fleece Blanket Edging
Crochet Scallops on Fleece Blanket Edging

Have you ever wanted to crochet a special blanket for someone but just didn’t have the time? Here’s a solution to that! Crochet a fancy border on the edging of a fleece blanket!

Fleece comes in all sorts of prints. You can get licensed fleece in character prints like Snoopy or Frozen characters. Or even your favorite sports team, like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, and so forth.

This is a nice way to create a handmade blanket, but without all of the time needed to make a full blanket.

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Crochet Scallops on Fleece Blanket Border Edging
Crochet Scallops on Fleece Blanket Border Edging


  1. Worsted weight yarn.

    I’m using one skein of Red Heart Super Saver, which is a great worsted weight yarn. It really holds up to all sorts of wear and tear. It also washes nicely in the washing machine and dries nicely too. Because let’s face it, blankets will be washed frequently. And while hand-washing is ideal with handmade items, it’s not always practical.

  2. Fleece material.

    Here’s your chance to get really creative! You’ll need some fleece fabric sold by the yard. The local discount stores oftentimes carry it, as well as sewing and fabric stores. Use a nice patterned fleece. Or a solid color. Or one with a team logo. Perhaps one with your favorite Disney character on it? You will need a piece that is 47 inches wide by 47 inches in length. Your fleece does not need to be hemmed along the edge. Fleece doesn’t fray, so we can just crochet along the edging without any sewing.

  3. Crochet hook size F 3.75 mm.

    The crochet hook in size F works nice with this edging. Feel free to use a different size if you wish.

  4. Yarn needle.

    You will need to weave in the ends, so a yarn needle is very helpful.

  5. Scissors.

    I would suggest good fabric scissors that can cut fleece and another pair that can cut yarn. You will need to make nice straight cuts for the fleece material. If you have a rotary cutter and large cutting mat, that certainly would work well for the fabric.

  6. Tape measure.

    We will be measuring in 1-inch intervals, so a tape measure or ruler will be very handy.

  7. Awl.

    You will need an awl. You can find an awl sometimes in the craft section of stores. And sometimes in the woodworking section by the hammer and nails.

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Written Pattern

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Scallops on Fleece Pattern


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