Crochet Sweet Simple Neck Scarf

Sweet Simple Neck Scarf

Learn how to make a sweet simple neck scarf. This works nice for any season! A DIY crochet project by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. […]

Crochet Simple Tunisian Flower and Flowers with Petals Made with Tunisian Crochet
Tunisian Crochet

Simple Tunisian Flower

Here’s a nice flower with petals made with the Tunisian simple stitch. You do not need any special Tunisian or afghan hook – your regular crochet hook will work just fine. […]

Crochet Sweet Simple Handbag

Sweet Simple Handbag

This is a good beginner purse, tote, or bag to start with, especially if you know the chain and single crochet stitch. This is crocheted in the round (specifically in a spiral) and then the straps are added at the end. […]

Crochet and Knit Flower Collection

Flower Collection

Learn how to make a knit or crochet flower. There are quite a number of flowers on this website. A DIY crochet and knit project by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. […]

How to Choose Colors for Knitting or Crochet Patterns
Absolute Beginner

How to Choose Colors

Consider using a color wheel for your next crochet project. A color wheel is an artist’s tool that shows the relationship between colors and allows you to match colors beautifully. You can create beautiful yarn palettes and color schemes easily using some basic guidelines. […]

Crochet Hanging Ring Towel Holder

Hanging Ring Towel Holder

This hanging ring towel holder is made with either a bracelet or a hair elastic. First crochet around the ring, then add the loop and the button. Quick, simple, and easy! […]

Crochet Sweet Simple Butterfly and Colorful Butterflies

Sweet Simple Butterfly

This butterfly motif works great on a hat, scarf, shawl, headband, purse, handbag and more. You can make the butterflies in one color, or 2-3 colors. […]