Tunisian Crochet Shell Stitch

How to Tunisian Crochet a Shell Stitch
How to Tunisian Crochet a Shell Stitch

This is an interesting shell stitch, wouldn’t you say? It’s made with Tunisian crochet. It’s fairly simple if you already know the basic Tunisian simple stitch, abbreviated as TSS.

I like this stitch pattern for use in lacy afghans, blankets, scarves and shawls. It would be cute as an overlay for a handbag. If anything, it’s a fun stitch to practice using your Tunisian hook.

Did you know in the past most books referred to the hook as an afghan hook? Tunisian crochet was oftentimes referred to as the “afghan stitch” as well.

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How to Tunisian Crochet a Shell Stitch
How to Tunisian Crochet a Shell Stitch



  1. Worsted weight yarn.

    I’m using scrap yarn for this sample. You can use multiple colors and change after each return pass. Or you can use just one color.

  2. Size I 5.5 mm Tunisian crochet hook.

    This stitch pattern seems to work nicely with this size hook and worsted weight yarn. Other hooks and yarn sizes will work as well, but this is the one I use for this stitch pattern.

  3. Yarn needle.

    A yarn needle will be helpful to weave in ends, especially if you change colors frequently.

  4. Scissors.

    As always, you’ll need a pair of scissors to cut and weave in the ends.

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Written Pattern

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Tunisian Crochet Shell Stitch


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